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Saying What You See

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Soul Growth Radio. Our magazine’s first theme is “Saying What You See.” In a writing workshop I took from Anne Lamott last year, she talked about the culture of denial in growing up with a family of alcoholics. She said that she heard again and again from family members that she didn’t see what she saw or thought she saw, that Uncle So-and-So was just drunk, he really didn’t do what you thought he did, and if he did, he didn’t mean it. She went on to say that, as writers, you have to start being willing to see what you saw. In other words, you have to take … read more

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Angel Boy

Part 4 – Road from Perdition

[Part four in a four-part series, delivered weekly. Click here for part one, published January 03, 2015] “Tomorrow morning, the Earth will come directly between a full moon and the sun, creating a full lunar eclipse,” my local weatherman tried to describe this anticipated and rare astronomical phenomenon. But for the first time, I wasn’t concerned about understanding the whys and hows. I just wanted to experience it. At 6:15 a.m. the next morning, I hung a jacket loosely over my nightshirt and headed out to the street. I expected to see droves of other bed-headed neighbors in pajamas, … read more

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Beach Glass

Celebrating Imperfectly Perfect Moments

We got to the hotel late Thursday evening…and it was not what I was expecting. We had to go 13 miles to check in because they only kept staff at their sister resort. We had a pretty large three-bedroom, three-bath condo right on the water…just the two of us. Way too much space for me and my beloved. … Read Full Article

Question Everything

Pendulums, Prognosis & Pregnancy

There are 3 things you should know: I was raised on my intuition by my psychiatrist father: an M.D. who also heals with his hands and crystals and taught me to use the I-Ching at 8 years old. I was encouraged to speak to my body when it hurt or was sick and ask it why. I was told to ask for a … Read Full Article

Photo by Floyd Rocker

Love Lost, Spirit Found

I lost my mom when I was 25. She was my best friend. I was her anchor. With a challenging health condition, she depended on me much of my life. Our bond was very strong, and her death seemed impossible at the time. If I’m honest, sometimes it still does. After she died, I looked for any way I … Read Full Article

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Angela Maxwell Walks

She Walks The Earth: The First Step

A year ago. Colorado. It is the end of a women’s yoga retreat. I don’t know anyone at the start but six days later I am nude and riddled with laughter as my breasts bounce, pivot and smack against my sweaty skin. They are flopping so wildly it’s possible they’ll fly right off, but I don’t care a bit … Read Full Article


I Spy Wonder: Designing A Life With Wonder

I spy with my little eye…red: ball, lips, umbrella, red velvet cake. When I wonder, and when I remember people, events, and things that bring me wonder, I find myself walking in love and in awe and feeling beautifully and humbly human and small and powerful all at once. It is also when I am in … Read Full Article



One year ago today I married the perfect woman for me.
First marriage for both of us -- I just turned 50 and she was 46.

After thirty-ish years of being a serial dater, I finally owned up to the truth -- what I'd been doing wasn't working, yet somehow I was able to justify it for so long. With one foot often out the door, I didn't have to get real. The fear of being emotionally vulnerable and my own judgments of who I was supposed to be kept me "safe" -- but it was all an unconscious ruse cloaked in modern-day spiritual rhetoric. If I made them wrong, I'd be right. And safe. And neither were true.

But now, I'm all in. And quite honestly, it's been the best year of my life. Thank you, Maria.

--Dave Markowitz, Portland, OR


Oh how children can melt your soul. G, cupping both her hands, leaned into me and blew into my heart space with all she had. "Mommy I filled you with my love and it will not leave you 'cause it is permanent. Even when you sleep it will not leave 'cause it's permanent." Happy New Year to me.

--Gina Diaz, mom of 3-year-old G, Portland, OR