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Awake: Life and Limb

Welcome to Soul Growth Radio’s sophomore spin! Our theme this quarter is “Awake: Life and Limb.” The spring my skin caught fire in a rash of red scales, my life as I knew it was over. Covered by burning, itching patches, it felt like my body was incinerating me while I was still in it. The story continues, but this is where it all began: a desperate search for health that barreled right into a spiritual awakening. I like to call it, and other experiences like it, the angels’ bait and switch. You start in on one determined path, and you end up in a whole different place than you … read more

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Palms Hui Molokai

Body Is Soul

This is Part Four in a series of stories and photos by Julie Daley for Soul Growth Radio. Read from the beginning here. What I have come to see in retrospect is that my experience of "remembrance," in these places in the world, was the interactions between my body and my soul, between my body and the earth’s body. I feel this to be so. These lands were filled with such vibrant moments of remembering and such deep connections. And, I sense it was my soul connecting with the earth’s soul in these powerful portals of life. Slowly the need to know why subsided and the pleasure of a moment of … read more

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Close to the Bone

Close to the Bone

Close to the Bone For a long time, my life was like being displaced in some way, transient and fractured, forever exiled from my own body. I could not be or become comfortable, because at any moment the next evacuation might occur, where the alarms inside the head short circuit and scream … Read Full Article

photo by Floyd Rocker

A Cool Awakening

Photo by Floyd Rocker  Shiver, Chatter, Surrender Like most people, I am not a fan of pain. But sometimes there comes a time when we must do what we must do. And to heal one suffering, we must undergo a little of another. A few moons back, an earache called me to the acupuncturist. That ache … Read Full Article

Playing With Gaia - Cindy Bowen

Phoenix and Fire, A Generational Healing

For Myself and My Foremothers The first time I felt god/source energy was at my mother's death bed. My mother died of cervical cancer at age 43, when I was 16 years old. As we, myself and the spiritual healer, stood over my mom in prayer, holding hands, I felt it. A powerful surge of electricity, … Read Full Article


The House on Hillside

The House on Hillside I am a believer. As spring approaches and the flowers begin to bloom, I can't help but think of the days when as children we gathered at Mami Maria and Papi Toño's house. The adults would talk and cook, while all the kids ran around, playing bote or hide and seek. I … Read Full Article

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Purposed to Evolve

On a recent trip to Chicago, I wanted to see the sun rise over Lake Michigan. As soon as I woke up, I opened the blinds. Beautiful shades of orange and pink were a perfect contrast against the bright blues and waves of light over the water. I enjoyed the view so much that I reached for my phone and … Read Full Article


Pacha bookcover-1Earth Day Giveaway

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This very special Softcover Illustrated Young Reader Book (English), by Aaron Ableman and Dave Room is just the beginning of the Pacha's Pajamas interactive experience. "Magical pajamas whisk Pacha away to imaginary worlds where she has wild and comedic adventures with the characters on her PJs. In the first story of the series, Pacha journeys to an epic music festival in the jungle organized for (and by) plants and animals. Fox News is reporting but its real foxes! The book comes to life with augmented reality. You have got to see it to believe it!" Come over to our Facebook Group and share your favorite earth-experience: Were you at the beach with family? Climbing a tree? Listening to the wind? Then what happened? Entries will be drawn from a hat on May 1, and two will receive a copy of Pacha's Pajamas.

Bless the Lake

For Earth Day, and our issue theme, “Awake: Life and Limb,” we're turning the clock back 30 days. All over the world on March 22, 2015, citizens held World Water Day events. In Oakland, California, Amelía Aeon Karris, of Know the Self, Dave Room, co-creator of Pacha’s Pajamas, and Armando Davila, organized a World Water Day event called “Bless the Lake” at Lake Merritt, Oakland’s beautiful and well loved lake park. Bless the Lake observed the day with a public meditation, music, indigenous elders, community leaders, special speakers and hundreds of community members who turned out to honor and reconnect with the sacredness of our water. As reported by Amelía after the event, rain came that night for the first time in a long time. “The water heard us,” she said. See gorgeous pictures of the event at the Bless the Lake Facebook page, and read more about it and World Water Day at, and World Unwrapped.
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